Tank Mixing & Aeration

    Venturi Tank Mixer

    The side mounted Venturi mixer helps prevent anaerobic conditions and odours.

    Balance Tank Aeration

    A balancing tank should be mixed to prevent the settlement of solids and to ensure that the wastewater quality is as uniform as possible. To prevent anaerobic conditions and odours developing prior to treatment, the contents of balancing tanks should be aerated. Venturi aerators will mix and aerate at the same time.

    Venturi Aerator Operation

    The liquid is drawn from the tank and pumped through the nozzle into the mixing chamber. Passing through the nozzle, liquid velocity is increased. This creates a stable negative pressure resulting in the air being drawn through the aspiration pipe. In the mixing chamber air and liquid are mixed thoroughly. This mixing is enhanced in the ejector’s high turbulent zone after which the liquid/air mix is flushed out through the diffuser by means of the high pressure created by the pump.

    Installed Venturi Tank Mixer

    Water Tecnik side entry tank venturi mixing system.

    Diagram of Venturi Tank Mixer

    General arrangement drawing of Water Tecnik side entry tank venturi mixing system.

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