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  • Operational Savings on Sludge Disposal
  • Rapid Return on Ivestment
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Why not join over 900 other plant operators and enjoy massive savings by recovering up to 95% of lost revenue.

Suitable for : Waste activated sludge, DAF Sludge & Industrial Sludge.

Disc Screw Press Flow

Multi Disc Screw Press Press Flow

How the Disc Screw Press Compact Skid Works

  1. Sludge is pumped from the sludge holding tank or can be taken directly from source e.g. aeration tank, which means costly upstream storage tanks are not necessary.
  2. After the feed pump polymer is dosed into the feed line
  3. The sludge and polymer mix pass through the inline rapid mixer, this thoroughly mixes the sludge and polymer, helping to ensure minimal polymer consumption.
  4. The sludge and polymer mix passes from the rapid mixer outlet to the Flocculation Tank, here a slow mixer helps bind the contaminates together and separate them from the liquid fraction.
  5. The flocculated mix drops from the flocculation tank outlet to the Screw press dewatering section. Level sensors are used in the flocculation tank to prevent overflow.
  6. The Screw Press consists of a cylinder which houses the screw press running at low speed. The cylinder consists of spacers, fixed and moving stainless steel discs. The moving discs have a smaller outer diameter than the screw. As the screw operates, the moving rings continuously clean the sludge from the gaps allowing filtrate to pass and ensure clog free operation.
  7. As the sludge progresses along the screw, the pitch narrows, increasing the pressure and dewatering efficiency.
  8. The dewatered sludge is low volume the cost of disposal and transport is massively reduced.
  9. Filtrate is returned back to start of Effluent

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Water Tecnik Disc Screw Press Models
Water Tecnik Disc Screw Press Key Components

Available in 2 Formats

Water Tecnik Disc Screw Press Skid Mounted

Fully wired and piped plug & play system, supplied fully assembled on galvanised steel skid.

System supplied inside a 20ft side opening container with 'Plug n Play' installation, non-slip flooring, lighting, heating and ventilation.

Water Tecnik Disc Screw Press Containerised
Water Tecnik Diageo Case Study
  • Return of investment 11 months
  • Reduced haulage costs by 75%
  • exploring options to potentially sell the dried cake

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Example Business Case

  • Sludge Transport cost (£/T): 20
  • Liquid Sludge produced per week - 60T @ 5% Dry Solids Annual cost to Transport: £62,400
  • Cake produced per week - 10T @ 25% Dry Solids Annaul cost to Transport: £10,400
  • Annual chemical cost to run dewatering system: £4,056 Annual power costs: £2,409
  • Total annual operational savings £45,535

Water Tecnik Disc Screw Press Trial Video

Below is a video of the unit at a local dairy, pressing 4% dry solids combined DAF and biological sludge into 26% dry solids cake.

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