Disc Screw Press

    Waste Water Sludge Management - Multi Disc Screw Press
    • Would you like to:
    • Recover 50% to 95% of your OPEX associated with sludge disposal
    • Reduce tanker visits by up to tenfold
    • Significantly reduce your treatment plant’s Carbon footprint

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    If your answers is “YES” to the above then why not join over 900 other plant operators and enjoy massive savings by recovering up to 95% of lost revenue.

    Suitable for : Waste activated sludge, DAF Sludge & Industrial Sludge.

    How Multi Disc Screw Works

    How the Disc Screw Press Compact Skid works

    After passing through the flow control and flocculation tanks, the sludge enters the non clog thickening zone. This consists of a drum which houses a screw running at a fixed speed. The drum consists of spacers, fixed and moving rings. The moving rings have a smaller outer diameter than the screw. As the screw operates, the moving rings continuously clean the sludge from the gaps allowing filtrate to pass and ensure clog free operation.

    As the sludge progresses along the screw, the pitch narrows, increasing the pressure and dewatering efficiency.

    Sludge can be taken directly from source e.g. aeration tank, which means costly upstream storage tanks are not necessary. As the thickened/dewatered sludge is low volume the cost of downstream storage tanks is also massively reduced.

    Disc Screw Press Press Flow

    Multi Disc Screw Press Press Flow

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    MDS Skid Models

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