We have an in-house team of qualified and experienced mechanical design engineers and highly skilled wastewater process specialists who will work with our customers to design bespoke equipment and treatment installations.

Our fabrication team specialise in stainless steel fabrication and process pipe work manufacture. We have a team of dedicated electrical engineers and plant assembly fitters who ensure that each piece of equipment is finished to our exacting standards

We pride ourselves on creating and developing a range of innovative, custom-built solutions for the water and wastewater sectors, which include FOG (fat, oil & grease) removal and wastewater screening equipment. We are fully committed to being responsive to the needs of the marketplace, and we will invest as much time and effort as is required to offer your business cost savings and tangible environmental, operational and economic benefits.

We have developed a growing reputation for quality manufacturing and for the provision of high quality, aftersales support. We offer flexible service and maintenance agreements allowing you to choose the level of support you require.

Our primary business objective is to enable you to reduce costs and ensure compliance. We achieve this through the development and installation of the highest quality equipment and solutions in the wastewater sector


About Us

Water Tecnik Ltd place innovative design, quality equipment manufacture and complete customer satisfaction at the centre of everything we do.

We do this by treating our customers as business partners, building strong working relationships and moving forward together.

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