Effluent and wastewater treatment plant
Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Effluent & Wasterwater Treatment Plants IrelandWater Tecnik are specialist providers of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems. Following a full consultation with our customers and detailed site analysis, we will design a process system to meet our client’s site specific effluent flows and exact effluent treatment requirements. We can manage all aspects of the installation and commissioning process, or are equally happy to work with an appointed consultant or principle contractor if required.

Turnkey effluent treatment

Effluent & Wasterwater Treatment Plants IrelandWater Tecnik provide industrial waste water treatment process guarantees, that our installations and treatment processes will comply with the project objectives. We provide a comprehensive turnkey effluent treatment service, from preliminary studies to plant installation and even final effluent plant operation and maintenance on a contract basis if requested.

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Treatment Plant Overview

  • Custom designed and built solutions, for problems specific to each industry
  • Turnkey project management and design of WWTP (wastewater treatment plant)
  • Completely made of stainless steel and acid treated in a pickling bath
  • Civil, electrical, mechanical and process installation of the wastewater treatment plant
  • Turnkey project delivered to clients agreed budget and specification
  • Client specific service and contract available on request
  • Effluent plant maintenance and operation contracts available, for new or existing installations
  • Remote monitoring and automated alarm call outs, for increased plant reliability