Water / Wastewater Autosampler Hire - Ireland

Composite Auto Sampler Hire IrelandWater Tecnik have water / wastewater automatic sampler’s to hire, ideal for small sampling projects. Prices are calculated on a weekly basis. We charge a premium for the first week which includes delivery. Subsequent weeks are charged at a reduced rate offering great value on long-term hires. We offer a single bottle multi programmable composite type sampler with a 10L bottle capacity. Full terms of hire available on request.

Autosampler Applications

Composite Auto Sampler Hire IrelandHire samplers may be used for sampling most water / waste-water applications where an open channel is available for deployment of the suction line. A standard suction line of 25ft (vinyl) is supplied in most cases. Ideally, the suction line should run straight down to the effluent stream without rising above the sample pump. A maximum suction line length (level) of 30 meters applies. The peristaltic pump enables a maximum suction lift of around 8 metres.
We supply a mains adapter 230VAC, is mains power is available at the sample point or a selection of 12VDC batteries and a charger if the sampler is to be located in a remote position.

Autosampler Features

  • Peristaltic pump for reliable accurate sampling
  • Rugged construction for use in harsh environments
  • Easy to programme, with customisable sampling menu and options
  • Mains or battery operated, ideal for use in remote locations