A combination of screw conveyor and screening compaction, complete with intregrated and innovative material washing system and drive assembly.

Used for the compaction, dewatering. and volume reduction of screenings and a large variety of waste materials from industrial processes.

The screenings to be treated enter the machine directly through an inlet hopper. The compactor can be fed from either a launder channel or directly from source, allowing for versatility and use across various process arrangements.

The innovative washing system design removes organics more efficiently, cleaning from inside to out. The SC-CP compactor is available in a range of throughput capacities, typically 6, 12, 18 and 24 m3/hr.

The fully enclosed construction assists in eliminating odour nuisance and our efficient material washing and motor drive arrangement ensures market leading energy and water consumption figures.

designed specifically with the end user in mind. The modular assembly arrangement allows for ease of maintenance and increased reliability. With two patents pending on the SC-CP compactor range.

Main Benefits

  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Easy to maintain modular design
  • Completely made of stainless steel and acid treated in a pickling bath
  • Highly efficient auger drive arrangement
  • Innovative and highly effective material washing system
  • Insensitive to coarse material
  • Optional screening skip cover “screening saver" system for reduced odour and disposal costs
  • Optional heating and insulation for outdoor installation