Maud's Ice Creams

Water Tecnik Case Study - Mauds Ice Creams

Client: Maud’s Ice Creams,Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.
Industry: Food and Drink.

Brief: Reduce Effluent Discharge & Associated Costs.

Water Tecnik Case Study - Avodale Foods“Our latest trade effluent sample analysis report from NI Water has shown a huge improvement in our effluent discharge. We have achieved a remarkable 96% reduction on Fats, oil and grease following the installation of Water Tecnik’s turnkey effluent treatment system.”

David Wilson, Director, Maud's Ice Creams


Maud’s Ice Creams are an award winning ice cream manufacturer based in Carrickfergus Northern Ireland. The company started making and selling ice cream in 1979 from their family owned grocery store. After almost 40 years in business, Maud’s now manufacture their ice cream in a state of the art production facility. Their ice cream is distributed to hundreds of ice cream parlours and stockists in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Being a very environmentally aware company, Maud’s Ice Creams have converted their entire factory to LED lighting, both inside and out, and reduced their plastic use by 80% over the last three years. Part of that environmental awareness plan involved looking at trade effluent and their impact on the water cycle, so Mauds contacted Water Tecnik seeking advice and guidance on how best to improve their trade effluent.

Maud’s Ice Creams produces trade effluent because of their production area washdown procedures, i.e. the rinsing of milk and cream residue from storage tanks. The effluent being produced was being treated using a regular grease trap filter before being discharged into the Northern Ireland Water sewer network.

NI Water perform regular trade effluent sample analysis, to ensure the various parameters on the sewer discharge consent agreement, on parameters of COD (chemical oxygen demand), SS (suspended solids) and PH are adhered to. More recently NI Water have added FOG (fats oil and grease) to the discharge consent agreement, at a limit of 100mg/L. Mauds business had grown substantially since their site was built in 2000 and the current grease trap system was not providing enough effective control of the fats, oils and greases, meaning Mauds were struggling to achieve the target of 100ml/L.


Main issues experienced by Maud's Ice Creams;

Previously the only effluent treatment process in place at the Mauds Ice cream factory before Water Tecnik became involved was the grease trap.

  • As with most food production sites, detergents are used to emulsify fats that are present on production equipment to allow effective cleaning. Grease traps will remove surface oil contaminates, but are ineffective at removing the emulsified FOG contaminates within the resulting effluent.
  • One of the most effective means of removing the FOG from the effluent is through chemical treatment followed by dissolved air floatation (DAF).
  • Water Tecnik collected effluent samples and performed chemical jar tests to confirm the most effective chemical treatment process for Mauds site specific effluent.
  • Once the results were confirmed Water Tecnik completed an outline process design and detailed quote which were discussed with Mauds. The project scope of works was agreed and a formal order given to Water Tecnik for a Dissolved Air Floatation effluent treatment system in late 2016.


Water Tecnik Supplied and installed a complete turnkey effluent treatment system for Maud's. From electrical and mechanical installation, right through to commissioning and customer training, all tasks were completed directly by Water Tecnik, ensuring continuity for our customer throughout the project.

The main process components are;

  • Transfer pumping station to transfer all effluent from the factory discharge point to the new balance tank.
  • Balance tank
    complete with Venturi mixing system and ultrasonic level sensor, used to store effluent prior to DAF treatment.
  • Water Tecnik containerised DAF system
    Complete with Water Tecnik DAF, chemical dosing equipment, control panel and transfer pumps.
  • Sludge tank
    Used to store removed contaminates, fitted with level sensor.


  • 40% reduction in COD (chemical oxygen demand) *
  • Through our efforts jar testing the incoming effluent we identified a more cost effective treatment regime. This lowered chemical costs by 49%.
  • 80% reduction in SS (suspended solids).
  • 96% reduction in FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) - went from 650mg/L to 26mg/L.

*remaining COD is due to the high levels of dissolved sugars present in ice cream production effluent. These sugars can be removed with secondary treatment to further reduce COD levels, reducing the effluent disposal costs calculated via the mogden formula. Due to the relatively low volumes of effluent produced on site (approx. 25m3/day), secondary treatment is expected to be considered further down the line, as Mauds business continues to grow.


We are delighted with how the new Water Tecnik DAF system has allowed our client to enjoy instant operational and financial benefits.

Because of our unique containerised “plug and play” DAF system design, there was no interruption to production and installation time on site was completed in a short space of time.

Mauds Ice Creams are now fully compliant with all discharge consent limits, and this project has proven to be a huge boost to the continual environmental improvement plans for their business. In fact, the test results now show Mauds have achieved outstanding success with Water Tecnik DAF system, future proofing their business and expansion plans, thereby allowing Mauds to concentrate on what they do best, manufacture their award-winning ice cream.

Since installation Mauds have signed up a service, maintenance and chemical supply agreement with Water Tecnik. We look forward to our continued working partnership with Mauds Ice Creams.

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