Disc Screw Press

    Disc Screw Press Explainer Video

    Watch our NEW Water Tecnik Disc Screw-Press Explainer Video for a simple explanation on the operation of our Water Tecnik Disc Screw Press!

    Potentially enjoy huge savings by recovering up to 95% of lost revenue.

    Water Tecnik Disc Screw Press is suitable for three types of sludge.

    Do you want to-

    • Reduce tanker visits to site?
    • recover up to 95% of your OPEX associated with slude disposal?
    • Reduce your effluent treatment plants carbon footprint?

    To find out more about sludge management visit http://www.watertecnik.com/sludge-management-disc-screw-press


    Case Studies
    Avondale Foods
    Client: Avondale Foods, Craigavon, Northern Ireland.Industry: Food and Drink. Brief: Realise...
    Maud's Ice Creams
    Client: Maud’s Ice Creams,Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.Industry: Food and Drink. Brief: Reduce...
    Rich Sauces
    Client: Rich Sauces, Newtownards, Northern Ireland.Industry: Food and Drink. Brief: Upgrade...
    Golden Cow (Kerry Group)
    “We have recently installed a new production line on our site, which required effluent treatment...
    Fred C. Robinsons
    “Water Tecnik were able to help us find a cost-effective solution to our effluent problems. The...
    Bausch + Lomb
    “Installing an oil skimmer was something we had been looking to complete for some time. Our only...
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