Commercial Wastewater Treatment

New case study - Avondale Foods

New Case Study based on Avondale Foods and their Commercial Wastewater Treatment;

Simon Geddis explains,

"Water Tecnik have been invaluable in their technical advice and engineering support in the improvement and management of our company effluent system infrastructure. As a large user of water, it is important to be working with partners who can reliably deliver on time and Water Tecnik meet this objective. Avondale has been able to reliably and consistently reduce treated effluent contaminate levels, which is translating to real cost savings over the year”.

Water Tecnik systematically worked through all the identified problems and replaced Avondale Foods existing Commercial Wastewater Treatment, DAF white water system with a Water Tecnik innovative micro-bubble generator white water system.

  • Avondale Foods cost per m3 to discharge effluent dropped by 57%
  • Reduced chemical costs by 49%
  • Overall their effluent discharge is consistently below discharge consent limits

Are you experience non-compliance issues?

All Case Studies available to view here.


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