Our Approach

Initially, we will meet with you onsite to discuss your processes and issues. On engagement, we will carry out a full review and assessment to get a complete understanding of your requirements to ensure successful outcomes for your business.

Using site-specific sampling techniques and lab-scale treatability testing, Water Tecnik can determine the most suitable process for treating your wastewater in a cost effective manner

Our testing process provides data for detailed project specifications and allows for the accurate design of full-scale, customised systems.

Our approach allows you to see first-hand how your wastewater has reacted with a particular treatment process. All our results are accompanied with UKASaccredited comparison reports.

Water Tecnik Ltd.

Company Directors

Adam Mackin (left) and Dean Church (right)

Pictured for a recent article featured in the Ulster Business Magazine. - Topic R&D processes within SMEs located in N. Ireland.